MYT's Diversity Calendar

MYT is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and believe that the inclusion of all differences leads to enriched experiences and communities.  In line with this commitment and belief, each month we celebrate and communicate at least one of the recognised special days, or focuses of the month. 

July is...

07 July 2015
July is National Ice Cream Month; Make a Difference to Children Month and Family Reunion Month. There are also 20 recognised special days. A young person on work experience decided to communicate her understandings of Make a Difference to Children Month. Read More

June is...

10 June 2015
June is National Cancer Survivors Day; Gay and Lesbian Pride Month; Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month and National Smile Month. There are also 19 recognised special days. Also in June, it is Volunteer Week from 01 – 07. As equality and diversity is at the heart of volunteering, the Business Unit decided to communicate this focus. Read More

May is...

27 May 2015
May is National Stroke Awareness Month; Family wellness Month; and Mental Health Awareness Month. There is also 25 recognised days, including World Day for Cultural Diversity Dialogue and Development. The Skills and Employability team decided to hold a cultural awareness day on May 06 to celebrate this day; and decorated their E&D board in the centre. See below for information on how MYT strives to provide opportunities for young people to deepen their understanding of the values of cultural. Read More

April is...

06 April 2015
April is Autism Awareness Month, Stress Awareness Month and Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. There are also 31 recognised special days. MYT’s programmes team have demonstrated their communication to help raise awareness of autism. Read More

March is...

02 March 2015
March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and International Women’s Month. There are also 29 special days. A young person on work experience (Molly) communicated her conception on one of these days: International Women’s Day. Read More

February is...

30 January 2015
February is World Cancer Awareness Month, Youth Leadership Month, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender History Month and International Mother Language Day. Staff and volunteers from MYT have produced communications for International Mother Language day. Read More

January is...

19 January 2015
January is Cervical Health Awareness month, Celebration of Life month and National Gluacoma month. The business unit have communicated Celebration of Life by suggesting different ways people can celebrate their life. Read More

December is...

25 November 2014
December is National Drink Driving Prevention Month, Spiritual Literacy Month and Write to a Friend Month. There are also 23 special days. MYT’s Employability team have demonstrated their conceptions on the prevention of drunk driving, please click here to see what they have done. Read More

November is...

29 October 2014
In November, MYT’s programmes team demonstrate their conceptions on Inspirational Role models. Click below to see what they have done. They have also created a calendar for inspirational role models, which will be featured on our Twitter page and Facebook page, so please take a look at these. Read More

October is..

09 October 2014
MYT’s youth forum has demonstrated their conceptions on black history, breast cancer awareness and world mental health day. Click here to see what they have done. Read More