Selina Jobbins - TrustCareers Adviser

21 September 2015

I have always worked with young, at first in part time jobs alongside my Psychology degree, and was always most interested in what the young people wanted to do with their future. It was when helping my sister get onto a college course, that I realised I wanted to do be a Careers Adviser professionally. I have been working for MYT in this role for over five years now, longer than I have committed to anything and love it! Before I trained a good friend said to me ‘You want to help other people sort their future out because you don’t know what to do with your own’, I replied ‘Why Not’ and have never looked back. I feel rewarded in being able to help young people at a time they are making difficult decisions and hope that every young person who has a careers meeting feels a little happier about their future plans on their way out.


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