Catriona Jamieson

Along with a merry band of budding runners, I will be attempting to complete the Bournemouth half marathon on Sunday 2nd October. Runnning doesnt come easily to me and I have been training hard over the last few months in order for this to become a possibility (the picture of me is completing 10k for the first time last year!). I am doing this in order to raise money for New Horizons which is an international social action programme which supports vulnerable young people to go to a developing country to work alongside young people from that country to benefit the local community. I have seen this programme in action it changes lives, broadens horizons and makes the world a bit of a better place. If you would like to support this cause to help provide opportunities for those that wouldnt otherwise have them or just give me a bit of encouragement to help get me through those last few kilometres then please sponsor me. Any donation appreciated no matter how large or small.
Catriona Jamieson
£50.00 Mr David Jamieson31 October 2016 Very well done...
£5.00 Mrs Susan Jamieson13 October 2016 Just to make your target! Well done. xx
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£10.00 Mrs Claire Jones25 September 2016 Good luck Catriona, love Caire and the boysx
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Mr David Jamieson Very well done...
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