Elin Persson

”It has opened my eyes that too few people with learning difficulties, such as autism, which I have, don’t get an opportunity to go on trips like this… just because we are different it doesn’t mean we can’t experience the same wonders life has to offer us” – Participant in the New Horizons programme 2015

The 3rd of April I’m running the Paris Marathon. I only started to run two years ago. I hated to run when I was younger and I was always the slowest one in school. But that was before I realised that running is so much more than being the fastest. Running is helping me to deal with stress and anxiety, running has giving me friends for life and have made me believe in myself.

This week is the first of 14 weeks of hard training to try to prepare myself for the marathon. It’s a massive challenge for me but I’m going to prove to myself that I can do it.

I’m running the marathon to raise money for New Horizons, an international social action programme created and run by Medway Youth Trust. New Horizons give young people in the chance to participate in cultural exchange, enable them to develop critical skills and empower them to make a positive difference to their life and the lives of others.

New Horizons participants are young people from Medway who; may face a range of barriers and may otherwise not have such an opportunity. They are proving with their participation, that any vulnerability large or small isn’t an obstacle to achieving great things.

If you are interested in supporting the programme and transforming young lives, please support me tackle my marathon challenge. Sponsor me via the donate button on the right hand side of my fundraising page.

Elin Persson
£6.00 Mrs Danielle Diplock15 April 2016 yummy cake, great cause thanks x
£10.00 Mr Darren Higbee15 April 2016 Amazing cake . Well done .x
£10.00 Emma Hooker11 April 2016 Emma Hooker has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£20.00 Mrs Hannah Smith05 April 2016 Amazing job you superstar x
£10.00 Mr Jonathan Reynolds04 April 2016 Amazing work Swede! x
£15.00 Mrs Maggie Bates03 April 2016 Well done dear! Amazing effort! Swedish legs swinging! Love, Mags and Paddy
£10.00 Laura01 April 2016 Laura has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Mr Matthew Knott01 April 2016 Go smash it Elin. Good luck!
£8.50 Anna Vallin-Bauer31 March 2016 Anna Vallin-Bauer has donated £8.50 to your appeal
£20.00 Mary Heffernan31 March 2016 Mary Heffernan has donated £20.00 to your appeal
£5.00 Mr Chris Treves31 March 2016 cant wait to run this with you.
£10.00 Katie Richards30 March 2016 Katie Richards has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£5.00 Mrs Jody Sharp27 March 2016 Good luck speedy swede! I have no doubt you will be amazing!! If in doubt shove a few more jelly babies in!! 😜
£15.00 Miss Catriona Jamieson27 March 2016 Good luck! You are quite brilliant.
£50.26 Mr Ronan Hanna26 March 2016 Elin! Where do I start, you are an inspiration, not only to myself but to I'm sure a lot of others! Wishing you the best of luck!
£15.00 Miss Hayley Nelson21 March 2016 Good Luck Elin! You'll smash it!
£20.00 Miss Sheila Heffernan21 March 2016 Run Swede run!!! Looking forward to supporting the first ever New Horizons marathon runner in Paris!!!
£10.00 Trudi Rose21 March 2016 Trudi Rose has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£15.00 Mrs Rachael Francis19 March 2016 You are such an inspiration Elin. Good luck with the marathon. Love from Rachael and Alex
£42.00 Cinnamon buns18 March 2016 Cinnamon buns has donated £42.00 to your appeal
£15.00 L.Smith18 March 2016 L.Smith has donated £15.00 to your appeal
£20.00 Mr Toby Hanmore16 March 2016 Good Luck Elin, remember to stop when you reach the 26th mile!
£26.00 Swedish Fika in Medway10 March 2016 Cake sale
£20.00 Mrs Laura Cann10 March 2016 Elin you will be amazing!
£25.00 Mr David Wikström10 March 2016
£10.00 Mrs Michelle Lees09 March 2016 Good luck. You'll smash it!
£10.00 Mrs Stephanie Wadsworth29 February 2016 For 2 bags of buns & a little extra... Good luck hun you'll be amazing xx
£3.00 Mrs Kirsty Yelton28 February 2016 Best of luck. Kirsty Yelton x
£10.00 Ms sarah brodie-clarkson07 February 2016 Go Swede xx
£5.00 Miss Vicky Stapleton-Wale31 January 2016 Thanks for keeping me company on the long runs xx
£10.00 Miss Vicky Stapleton-Wale15 January 2016 Thanks for the treats Elin. You will smash Paris #speedyswede
£10.00 Mr Mark Presland08 January 2016 Thanks for the cakes Elin! Good with the training x
£15.00 Mrs Sharon Carter03 January 2016 Run Elin Run! Lots of love Maya and Zoe!!
£6.00 Mrs Danielle Diplock £10.00 Mr Darren Higbee £10.00 Emma Hooker £20.00 Mrs Hannah Smith £10.00 Mr Jonathan Reynolds £15.00 Mrs Maggie Bates £10.00 Laura £10.00 Mr Matthew Knott £8.50 Anna Vallin-Bauer £20.00 Mary Heffernan £5.00 Mr Chris Treves £10.00 Katie Richards £5.00 Mrs Jody Sharp £15.00 Miss Catriona Jamieson £50.26 Mr Ronan Hanna £15.00 Miss Hayley Nelson £20.00 Miss Sheila Heffernan £10.00 Trudi Rose £15.00 Mrs Rachael Francis £42.00 Cinnamon buns £15.00 L.Smith £20.00 Mr Toby Hanmore £26.00 Swedish Fika in Medway £20.00 Mrs Laura Cann £25.00 Mr David Wikström £10.00 Mrs Michelle Lees £10.00 Mrs Stephanie Wadsworth £3.00 Mrs Kirsty Yelton £10.00 Ms sarah brodie-clarkson £5.00 Miss Vicky Stapleton-Wale £10.00 Miss Vicky Stapleton-Wale £10.00 Mr Mark Presland £15.00 Mrs Sharon Carter
Medway Youth Trust are fundraising.
Elin Persson
Target: £500.00
Raised: £485.76


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Mr Ronan Hanna Elin! Where do I start, you are an inspiration, not only to myself but to I'm sure a lot of others! Wishing you the best of luck!
Cinnamon buns Cinnamon buns has donated £42.00 to your appeal
Swedish Fika in Medway Cake sale
Mr David Wikström
Mrs Laura Cann Elin you will be amazing!