Jasmin Sandhu

Hello everyone who's stumbled across my fundraising page. This page is dedicated to help me fundraise £1,400 for my trip to Cape Coast, Ghana. Why Ghana? I'm sure many of you are aware that Ghana is an LEDC, a less economically developed country. Countries like these also tend to lack in resources, such as education, health, facilities, and residents often have a low quality of life. I have always aspired to help those who are less fortunate and have limited options due to no fault of their own.I would like to share my knowledge, skills and culture, and in exchange I would like to learn many things from the Ghanaian. New Horizons have presented this opportunity to me and 15 others, where we will be helping two different communities in Cape Coast. We all need to fundraise money in order to afford the travel expenses, let's face it a flight to any country outside the European continent isn't cheap, the basics like food and accommodation too, as well as funding for materials such as computers so we're able to teach the locals some technological skills, any other resources that may come in use, and vaccinations, since we'd all like to avoid making a trip to the hospital, but we'd rather it in our home country than anywhere else.

Thank you for taking your time to read my not so interesting ramble. I hope it was informative enough and gave you a bit of an insight as to what I'm doing and why, and I hope it's encouraged you to send a little money this way to help me help the locals in Cape Coast. I will also mention if I am doing any sponsored events, so you could alol take part too if you'd like.
Jasmin Sandhu
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£25.00 Leanne £10.00 Miss Sharon Lynch £10.00 Mr C S £5.00 Miss Kitty Clouston £5.00 Miss Amanpreet Sandhu £2.00 Miss Hesana Sathiyaganthan £25.00 Mr Thomas Barnard £5.00 Miss Emily Ford £10.00 Mr Thomas Parfitt
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Leanne Leanne has donated £25.00 to your appeal
Mr Thomas Parfitt I love what you do so keep it up! - Tom x
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