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On October 2nd, I will run a half-marathon in Bournemouth to raise money for New Horizons, a three-year international social action programme created and run by Medway Youth Trust which will raise the aspirations and prospects of young people in Medway.

Each year the New Horizons programme supports it’s participants through a series of workshops and a three-night activity residential to prepare them to take part in a three-week intensive volunteering programme in a developing country. While abroad the group deliver a unique social action project which is designed to not only improve their individual skills but also benefit the local people and community where they are based.

Last year (2015), the group lived and worked in rural Colombia where they spent three weeks working on a coffee farm and dairy production company and teaching English language in a school. This year, 15 young people from the Medway area will deliver another international social action project in Moldova in October.

New Horizons gives these young people the chance to participate in cultural exchange and gain an international perspective which will build their confidence, enable them to develop critical life skills and empower them to make a positive difference to their life and the lives of others.

New Horizons participants are young people from Medway who may face a range of barriers and may otherwise not have had such an opportunity. They are proving with their participation, that any vulnerability large or small isn't an obstacle to achieving great things.

Click here to see New Horizons 2015's incredible journey:

I would be honoured if you would support this project and sponsor me via the donate button on the right hand side of my fundraising page.

Matthew Knott
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Matthew Knott
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Mr Leo Setton Good luck, chief! We will be rootin' for you tomorrow from switzerland!
Michael Windridge Michael Windridge has donated £30.00 to your appeal
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Miss Stephanie Helliwell Best of luck to you Matt!!!!
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