Team14 Medway NCS2017

Team 14: Jasmine Remon, Daniel Eames, Matthew Holt, Chloe Gore, Tayla Doherty, Ella Rodriguez, Harjot Kaur, George White, Millie Carter, Sophie Buckingham, Iwan Thomas, Grace Amoah, Esther Akinyose, Catherine Bello and Saoirse Deko. As a group we are fundraising for St Thomas of Canterbury Youth Club in Rainham and the Rotary international. Firstly we are raising money for our local youth club called St Thomas of Canterbury. The youth club ensures children have a safe and happy environment to keep in touch with friends from primary school whilst being taught essential life and communication skills. The other charity we have chosen to support is Rotary International, which is an organisation that is aiming to eradicate polio in developing countries and to improve treatment in hospitals. To raise money we are doing a sponsored dog walk, cake sale and a quiz night in order to pay for refurbishment costs needed for St Thomas of Canterbury Youth Club and also to donate money to support treatment of polio to those who cannot afford or have access to a good health care. Any donations are much appreciated!!
Team14 Medway NCS2017
Medway Youth Trust are fundraising.
MedwayNCS2017 TEAM14


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