NCS Autumn 2017 Team 5

Share a Star was founded by a woman called Jessica who suffers from ME which leaves her bed bound. Their aim is is to send a positive message of hope and to make each child feel special. The children they help are suffering from serious illnesss and possibly even terminal ones. Often children who spend a lot of their time in hospitalnever leave, can become very bored and lonely and therefore we would like to provide them with something that we will make a huge difference in their lives. The charity send out presents to these children and their families who are suffering from a tough time in their lives. These presents include Happy Boxes which we are raising money to make, as well as raise awareness and educate others on young people who are less fortunate than us. The Happy Boxes can include items such as teddy bears, toys, books and basic necessities like toothbrushes, toothpaste and washing items. Please supports us in raising money for this amazing cause :) Team Members: Megan Keam, Macy Griffiths, Ailie Mackay, Elliot Long, Byron Byfield-Clark, Jonas Jamani, Samir Ahmed, Ruta Ghebremejkel, Tamara Miah, Nathan Mungar and Aravind Manoj.

NCS Autumn 2017 Team 5
£2.50 Mr Jake Johnson Powell25 November 2017
£5.00 Mr Yann Mauriange25 November 2017
£2.50 Mr Jake Johnson Powell £5.00 Mr Yann Mauriange
Medway Youth Trust are fundraising.
NCS Autumn 2017 Team 5
Target: £500.00
Raised: £7.50


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Mr Yann Mauriange
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