NCS Team 6

We are apart of a Medway youth trust program called NCS and we are fundraising for our social action project which is all about helping the community in many different ways. one way includes our restoration project for Fort Luton where they are in desperate need for help in their endeavours to restore a local treasure which had previously been locked away for a long time. They do much more than run a museum, they also have community programs to help educate young people to get them qualifications to help them for the future.

We are also fundraising for the Scoliosis Association, we have chosen this as we know people who have been affected and we want to help the old smarty pants scientists to research the causes, the future effects and the prevention strategies for the next generations to come. We have the name 'fused efforts' as this represents the spinal fusion surgery people with scoliosis have done to make their lives comfortable and liveable.

We do hope you help support us and thank you for your time in reading this helpful information.

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NCS Team 6
Medway Youth Trust are fundraising.
NCS Team 20 - Fused efforts
Target: £500.00


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