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Hi, we are Team 25. We are doing a social action project, which is connected to fundraising. As a result we chose two amazing charities: Great Ormond Street Hospital and Mind. Both charities inspire us and we would love to support and raise money for these facilities.

GOSH is a specialist children’s hospital that has been open for 160 years starting with only 10 beds, expanding now to over 300. They work with a diverse range of health issues and treat children from ages that include new-born’s to 18 year olds. We would love to fundraise for new games and toys for the patients who have recently had extensively long surgeries.

Our second charity we will be fundraising for is Mind, a local mental health organisation. They provide training for anyone who wants to assist people through difficult times in their lives-this also includes online courses. Every £1 that is donated, 72p is put towards charitable work. Their information resources cover mental health conditions, treatments, recovery, staying well and legal issues related to mental health.

For both charities we would like to raise a total of £1000 so both charities get an even spilt of £500. Thank you for your support, we would appreciate it if you would aid us in our fundraising scheme.

Team 25.

Team Twenty Five
£10.00 Ms Tracey Rose30 August 2018 Well done team!
£25.00 Miss Esme Morgan29 August 2018 Good luck guys great work 😍
£20.00 Mrs Debbie Steed29 August 2018 Oh behalf of Georgia Holkham.
£10.00 Mrs Josephine Mayers28 August 2018 Well done Team 25 from Doug Mayers
£25.00 Mrs Josephine Mayers28 August 2018
£5.00 Mrs stephanie warner22 August 2018 Well.done! PMA!!
£5.00 Ms Agnes Bada22 August 2018 You can do it guys
£10.00 Ms Tracey Rose £25.00 Miss Esme Morgan £20.00 Mrs Debbie Steed £10.00 Mrs Josephine Mayers £25.00 Mrs Josephine Mayers £5.00 Mrs stephanie warner £5.00 Ms Agnes Bada
Medway Youth Trust are fundraising.
NCS Team 25 - 2018
Target: £1,000.00
Raised: £100.00


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Mrs Josephine Mayers
Miss Esme Morgan Good luck guys great work 😍
Mrs Debbie Steed Oh behalf of Georgia Holkham.
Mrs Josephine Mayers Well done Team 25 from Doug Mayers
Ms Tracey Rose Well done team!