Team 10 NCS 2017

This Skate park is an important part of the community which we believe has not been given enough credit. In particular this skate park helps a lot of young people in difficult situations to have somewhere to go where they do not feel under any threat and can unwind and feel safe in the company of others like them. Unit 1 is located in Rochester and is struggling to keep their charity going. We need the help of you, the community and the public to keep the skate park going. Due to their struggle we, NCS are helping them to keep their business alive that helps so many young people and gives them a safe haven where they are welcomed as family.

Team 10 NCS 2017
£25.00 Mrs Lisa Oseni23 July 2017
£10.00 Miss Charlotte Rose19 July 2017
£5.00 Miss Greta Gruzdyte18 July 2017
£10.00 Miss Grace Smith18 July 2017
£25.00 Mrs Lisa Oseni £10.00 Miss Charlotte Rose £5.00 Miss Greta Gruzdyte £10.00 Miss Grace Smith
Medway Youth Trust are fundraising.
Save Our Skatepark!
Target: £600.00
Raised: £50.00


Top Donations

Mrs Lisa Oseni
Miss Charlotte Rose
Miss Grace Smith
Miss Greta Gruzdyte