Team 6

Our fundraising team has decided to help raise and donate a target of £1500 towards Cancer Research UK. Cancer is the biggest medical threat within the 21st century with staggering figures of 1 in 2 people being diagnosed that are born after 1960. Most of our team feels a personal connection to this charity as many have lost loved ones to this disease.
Between us we have decided to also renovate Fort Luton as our social action project where we will also host a fun day in order to boost our fundraising and demonstrate what will be happening within Fort Luton during the week. Fort Luton is publicly accessible, therefore we feel that it will better the community and provide an area where you can socialise with new people and spend time with friends and family.

Team 6
£5.00 Mr Nigel Olds29 July 2018 Good luck callum
£10.00 Mrs Jaroslava Carter27 July 2018 Well done everyone.
£10.00 Mrs Joyce Cook25 July 2018 Gd luck Callum from nan
£10.00 Miss Emma Olds25 July 2018 Well done callum xx
£10.00 Miss Zoe Hills24 July 2018 Gd luck Callum and to everyone else .
£10.00 Mr Tokunbo Adesanya24 July 2018 Good luck all, keep the good work
£10.00 Mr Michael Adekoya23 July 2018
£10.00 Mr Stephen Bailey21 July 2018 Great Cause, well done to all
£10.00 Mr S Choudhury21 July 2018 Good luck Nawsh and the rest of team 6!!
£10.00 Miss Nawsheen Ali21 July 2018 We've got this!
£20.00 Mr Terence Mock20 July 2018 Good luck Zoe and the rest of you guys xxx
£2.00 Miss Aqeela Ahmed18 July 2018 There u go nawsheen good luck!
£5.00 Miss Chloe Tanton18 July 2018 You got this Nish Nash x
£2.00 Miss Olivia Coombs18 July 2018 Good Luck Nawsheen!! Xx
£15.00 Mrs Sarah Bambling18 July 2018 Good luck, Nawsheen!
£10.00 Mr Nick Williams18 July 2018 Best wishes
£5.00 Miss Lizzie Andrew17 July 2018 Good Luck :) <3
£10.00 Mrs Katy Michaelides17 July 2018
£5.00 Mr Nigel Olds £10.00 Mrs Jaroslava Carter £10.00 Mrs Joyce Cook £10.00 Miss Emma Olds £10.00 Miss Zoe Hills £10.00 Mr Tokunbo Adesanya £10.00 Mr Michael Adekoya £10.00 Mr Stephen Bailey £10.00 Mr S Choudhury £10.00 Miss Nawsheen Ali £20.00 Mr Terence Mock £2.00 Miss Aqeela Ahmed £5.00 Miss Chloe Tanton £2.00 Miss Olivia Coombs £15.00 Mrs Sarah Bambling £10.00 Mr Nick Williams £5.00 Miss Lizzie Andrew £10.00 Mrs Katy Michaelides
Medway Youth Trust are fundraising.
Team 6 NCS 2018
Target: £1,500.00
Raised: £164.00


Top Donations

Mr Terence Mock Good luck Zoe and the rest of you guys xxx
Mrs Sarah Bambling Good luck, Nawsheen!
Mrs Katy Michaelides
Mr Nick Williams Best wishes
Miss Nawsheen Ali We've got this!