Team 9 NCS 2017

Our Social Action Project is going to be taking place at Victory Care Home (Chatham).
Our aim is to refurbish an outdoor area which is currently unusable to the residents at the care home. We hope to make this an area where residents can spend personal time with family members and friends.
In order to make this happen we are going to be hosting fundraising events over the next weeks. We are carrying out a bake sale and a quiz night - which should hopefully bring in some profit, which would then be used to purchase resources needed to revitalise the garden area.
As a group we decided that this would be a good Social Action Project as it will make a huge impact on the residents at the care home, and bring more happiness to their lifestyles.

Team 9 NCS 2017
Medway Youth Trust are fundraising.
Team 9 NCS 2017
Target: £500.00


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