Team XII

Hi! We hope to raise money during a fun day to develop an aromatic garden for the residents of Darland House to improve their surroundings.
Team XII
£30.00 Mr Jay Patel27 July 2018
£5.00 Miss Chloe Simpson 26 July 2018 Well done bro!
£10.00 Mrs Tina Hook26 July 2018 Keep up good work
£20.00 Mrs Jill Simpson 26 July 2018 You are brilliant
£5.00 Mr Timothy Ward19 July 2018 Good luck!
£10.00 Mrs Karolina Barnes18 July 2018 Good luck!
£5.00 Ms Lynda Furlong18 July 2018
£30.00 Mr Jay Patel £5.00 Miss Chloe Simpson £10.00 Mrs Tina Hook £20.00 Mrs Jill Simpson £5.00 Mr Timothy Ward £10.00 Mrs Karolina Barnes £5.00 Ms Lynda Furlong
Medway Youth Trust are fundraising.
Team12 NCS 2018
Target: £200.00
Raised: £85.00


Top Donations

Mr Jay Patel
Mrs Jill Simpson You are brilliant
Mrs Karolina Barnes Good luck!
Mrs Tina Hook Keep up good work
Miss Chloe Simpson Well done bro!