Employing young people

10 good reasons to employ a young person

Young people can add value to your business or organisation in many different ways.

  1. Young people’s newness to the labour market and youth mean they often bring fresh perspectives and smart ways of thinking about tasks.
  2. Young people have the skills, energy and recent education to innovate as well as learn tested ways of working.
  3. Young people are accustomed to rapidly changing environments.
  4. Young people will probably have very up to date computer skills.
  5. Young people are likely to be available at more flexible times.
  6. What starts as casual employment could become a long lasting relationship.
  7. Young people are good at finding what they need to know.
  8. Young people can help make your business website effective.
  9. You can access funding for their training.
  10. It can be a cost effective way for you to recruit new staff.

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