Be a good employer

  • Becoming an employer can be a big change and it will take time for you and your new member of staff to get used to each other and find the best way to work together. There are also some things you must do to make sure you are both safe, happy and can work well together.
  • You will need to think about doing an induction when your new member of staff starts the job. They need to know how everything works and can talk to you about the training and support they need.
  • You should agree a probation period at the beginning which lets you both try working together. Have a meeting after this period and every few months to talk about what is going well and what could be better.
  • When your new member of staff starts, you will need to think about health and safety. If they are working in your home, think about what risks there might be (like falling over). It is important that you also plan for what will happen if your new member of staff is ill or goes on holiday.
  • Finally, make sure you arrange how you will pay your new member of staff. You need to pay the right amount and also pay tax, national insurance and pensions. You can do it yourself or you can ask an organisation called a payroll provider to do it for you.

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