Choices for your child in year 8/9

In year 8 or 9 your child will have to make options choices regarding the subjects they will study in years 10 and 11. This is an important time of their life and the wrong choices could have consequences regarding decisions after year 11. 

The school will let you know when option process will start and you will be invited to an event to discuss what choices are available. You and your child will be given the opportunity to explore the different subjects available and meet subject teachers. Each school will offer a range of different options; however it is compulsory that your child studies English, Maths and Science.

How you can help your child

You son or daughter will be more likely to achieve if their choices are tailored to their interests and strengths.

Encourage your child to think about what subjects they have enjoyed up to now and consider new subjects they may be interested in. This will help with motivation and achievement in the future. Talk to the subject teachers and ask them to explain what the course content will be over the next two years and whether the qualification will be based around course work or a final exam.

Think about how your child likes to learn

Some subjects are more academic; others are more work related or have practical elements such as food technology or design technology. Consider courses that match your child’s preferred learning and study style.

Keeping options open

Some children have very definite ideas about their future careers but others may not. If that is the case it is a good idea to take a broad range of subjects as this will keep their post 16 more flexible.

If you child has a career in mind it is a good idea to find out if specific qualifications are required for the job role. Visit the National Careers website where you can find information regarding over 700 jobs and careers.



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