Choosing a career

Choosing your first job or career can be really difficult. We have set out a step-by-step approach to help you. Of course, you can make an appointment or drop in to our centres to see one of our Advisers who will help you.

 STEP 1 - What sort of person am I?

If you want to find a job or career which you can enjoy you firstly need to think about your personal characteristics, your skills and interests which will help you to identify the types of job that will suit you best. For example are you an active, outdoors person? Do you enjoy practical “hands on” activities? Do you enjoy helping people? Have you got particular interests that you want to involve in your career? Make a list which you can use to identify the types of job that interest you the most. In your list include:

  • Qualifications – what are your grades or expected grades?
  • Hobbies and interests – what positive activities do you do in your free time?
  • Work Experience – note what you liked and disliked
  • Voluntary work – have you been involved in voluntary work at school, college, a club or with friends?
  • Achievements – what are you proud of in your life
  • Personal Qualities – what strengths do you think you have (eg; punctual, hardworking etc).


STEP 2 – Exploring Careers

Once you have identified your own skills and interests, you can start to explore career ideas to identify the possible jobs that might match with your personality and who you are. The following will help:

  • Our Advisers in school, college, training providers and at our centres.
  • School / College careers library
  • Careers resources in our centre in centres
  • Careers websites:

Draw up a shortlist of careers of interest. Do the careers on your list have anything in common?

STEP 3 – Finding out More

Now, you need to carefully research your ideas to find out the best route into your chosen careers. In particular you need to know:

  • What qualifications are needed to get into your chosen career?
  • Would having a degree give you an extra opportunity?
  • Are there “entry level” jobs needing fewer qualifications with promotion/further training opportunities whilst working as an alternative to a degree?
  • What local opportunities exist as a route into your chosen career?
  • Could you find better opportunities by broadening your search to include other types of job?
  • Could you find better opportunities by broadening your search to cover other locations eg. London?
  • How competitive is your chosen field? Could you improve your chances of success by getting work experience or voluntary work?

For further information on looking for work and making applications see our other pages in this section or of course contact us.


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