Controlling relationships

You may have seen the above video on TV before, it was part of an ad campaign by the government and ThisIsAbuse to raise awareness of violence and controlling behaviour in relationships. You may have followed the story line in Hollyoaks.

Abuse in relationships can happen to both female and males. Abuse isn't just physical, it can happen in the form of emotional violence including verbal insults and controlling behaviour such as monitoring texts, being called names or being threatened. They may keep checking up on what you're doing and become jealous of you spending time with other people. 

For more information and to watch other video's, go to www. or

There are lots of people who can help you if you're in a controlling or abusive relationship. Go to one of the above websites to search for specialist agencies and charities who can help such as or speak to someone you trust such as a parent/carer, teacher or tutor, friend or an MYT Adviser.

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