Pills, Gear, Whizz, Charlie….you may use or have heard different words to describe illegal drugs but do you know as much as you think? It can be very tempting to try a drug, particularly if you are with friends or in a group but do you really know enough about the drug and the effects it will have on you and others to say yes if asked?

Young people get involved with drug use for different reasons:

  • Stress from relationships, friends, family, exams or school?
  • Image – maybe your friends use drugs and you think they look cool
  • Peer Pressure – maybe you feel you can’t hang about with a group if you don’t use drugs too
  • Your parent’s use drugs – maybe you see them using and think it won’t harm you

If you start trying drugs, you don’t necessarily think about the effects it will have on your health. You may think I’ll try it a couple of times and then give up, however you might start to use more or try different drugs. Whether you take drugs, you just want to know more about them or are worried about someone else’s use there are people you can talk to in confidence.

The A-Z of drugs

There are so many different types of illegal drugs, all with different laws and different side effects for different people that you cannot rely on what you hear from your friends. Even if your friend sounds like an expert, are you sure they are?

Illegal drugs are put into categories based on how much harm they can cause you. You may have heard certain drugs being called class A, B or C with class A drugs considered to be the most harmful.

To find out more information on drugs, their effects and the law go to: http://www.talktofrank.com/atoz.aspx You can also Telephone 0800 77 66 00 or Text 82111 

Where to go for help

If you would like to discuss stopping or cutting down your drug use or are worried about someone else’s, you can get free and confidential advice from:




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