Below is a YouTube video we found about a young girl called Lucy. This is her coming out video and we think it’s beautiful. Lucy talks through her feelings from when she first realised she was gay, to how her friends and family reacted after she told them.

We think that Lucy's video says so much more than any advice we could offer as it comes straight from the heart. However, our advisers are available to speak to at any time and can point you in the right direction to LGBT groups and organisations in your local area.

According to the National Office of Statistics 2010, the estimated number of gay people living in Britain was 726,000. Where ever you are, the key message is to remember that you are not alone, as Lucy clearly tells us in her powerful video.

Lucy has made a series of videos with her girlfriend Kaelyn about different subjects and they have become very popular. Check out their video channel now to watch more.


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