The video above was a clip taken from the TV series, The Hospital. A city hospital patient explains the way she got pregnant and how she feels about it.

If you find out that you are pregnant the news can come as a bit of a shock. You may be unsure how you feel about having a baby but it is important that you make the right decision for you and not necessarily what your parents, boyfriend or friends want you to do. If you feel that you can, talk to your parents or carer but if this feels too hard, talk to someone else you trust. If you don’t know who you can talk to then you can visit your GP, go to a family planning clinic or speak to an MYT Adviser.

You may have lots of questions about becoming a parent or you may want to discuss what will happen if you decide that you don’t want to have the baby. The sooner you can tell someone, the more options you will have. Your GP or family planning nurse will be able to discuss these with you to help you make your decision. To find your nearest family planning clinic go to



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