Safety online


Do you think that you’re safe online? Many of us do. The internet can open up a whole new world for everyone, whether it’s shopping, playing games, speaking to mates or using social networking sites.

Unfortunately some people use the internet in an inappropriate way in order to meet others. Sometimes, adults will pretend to be young people, even sending images of young person to show you they are your age. It is really important that you don’t give out personal information about yourself; this includes things such as your address, age, and how you look. is an organisation that takes your online safety seriously. They have many useful tools online for all age groups, including parent/carers and teachers.

If you are concerned about your safety, or the safety of a friend, speak to someone you can trust such as a parent/carer, teacher, youth worker or an MYT Adviser. You can also report your concern through Alternatively, contact ChildLine on 0800 1111 or


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