There are many options available if you have no offers. Clearing is one option. It gives you a chance to see which courses have places available.

  • Use UCAS TRACK to check your application.
  • If you don’t get the exam grades you hoped for and you do not have a confirmed place at university, do not panic. There is a chance you could find another course through Clearing.
  • The Clearing process runs from mid-July to late September. It helps students who have not got the right grades – or who have applied late – to find courses where places are still available.
  • Look at the UCAS website  It lists all Clearing Vacancies from A Level Results Day to late September.
  • It lists Scottish Clearing Vacancies from Tuesday 6th August.
  • Official Clearing Vacancies are only published on and in the ‘Telegraph’ newspaper.
  • If your results are reasonable and you are flexible about where and what you want to study, you have a fair chance of finding a place on a suitable course.
  • But, you need to be available in person to speak to university Admissions Tutors and make decisions. You should plan your summer holiday so that you are at home when your exam results come out.
  • In Clearing, you can apply for any course that has places left. You do not have to keep to the same subjects that you first applied for.
  • If you only made one choice on your original UCAS application and paid the reduced fee of £12, you can go through Clearing if you pay UCAS an extra £11.
  • You are eligible to apply to university through Clearing if you are in any one of the following situations:

- You applied after 30th June
You haven’t received any offers OR none you want to accept
You have no confirmed offers because you have not met the condition

  • Check on TRACK: it will tell you if you are eligible for Clearing. It will tell you HOW and WHEN you can use Clearing. It will give you your Clearing Number – if you are eligible for Clearing.
  • Official lists of university courses with places in Clearing will be published until late September only at  and in the ‘Telegraph’ newspaper.
  • If you want to apply through Clearing, check the lists for suitable courses.
  • Please remember – the lists are updated regularly.
  • Contact any universities or colleges you are interested in DIRECT ASAP. Admissions Tutors will want to speak to you personally, not your parents or teachers.
  • During the telephone call, you need to make a note of names, emails and phone numbers – in case you need to follow up.
  • If you are offered a place by an Admissions Tutor and you decide to accept, you must enter the details of the university or college AND the course in TRACK as soon as possible.
  • The University or college will then confirm the place - provided it is still available.
  • You can only make ONE Clearing choice at time.
  • If you are unsuccessful, you may repeat the same process through clearing as many times as you want.



  • Remember that a Foundation Degree has LOWER entry requirements. It usually takes 2 years and you gain the knowledge and skills to prepare you for a SPECIFIC career.
  • There are at least 3 universities in Medway; you can also check and apply for Foundation Degrees through Clearing.
  • Make sure you keep your email and postal contact details up to date. If you are using a school address for post, this should be updated when you go home to start the summer holiday.
  • More information about Clearing is available at and a UCAS TV video guide to Clearing is available at
  • There is a detailed Clearing feed at which will offer advice, video responses to common questions and provide some real-time updates.
  • You can watch videos of UCAS Advisers answering FAQ’s on ‘You Tube’ at
  • You can contact the UCAS Customer Contact Centre for advice on 0871 468 0468.
  • Make sure you have your UCAS Personal ID ready.


You can also contact Advisers at Medway Youth Trust. You can find out all the different ways to contact an Adviser at Medway Youth Trust on this website.


Good luck