On Wednesday 27th May, 18 young people and 5 members of staff kick-started an amazing social action project for a very special young boy called Cam. Cam is a 13 year old boy with a life limiting muscular illness which has limited him to a wheelchair. Outdoor activities such as spending time in his garden has never been something he could pursue, especially since moving to his new home and the uneven landscape made this tricky.

MYT worked in partnership with Medway Sunlight Rotary Club to make sure that this project was as successful as possible! The Rotary club introduced us to Cam and involved us in the Garden4Cam project. The Rotary club had landscapers design a perfect garden for Cam, taking into account his accessibility. The Rotary’s project over the next few months is to get Cam’s overgrown garden to the amazing facility that they have planned. One of the first steps of the project was to get the garden cleared and ready for the first steps in creating a whole new garden; and that’s where our young people came in. 18 Young people from MYT dug up old tree stumps, cleared 5 big over grown bushes, manoeuvred a huge pile of wood and bricks from the garden and even knocked down a little brick wall that wasn’t needed anymore.

After all the hard work of all of the young people, Cam’s garden is now on the way to a wheelchair friendly playing area for Cam.  As well as being an extremely hardworking day, the young people managed to bring so much energy and enthusiasm to the scene, making a line of the Macarena and even the cha cha slide!

The Garden4Cam project was very special to everyone at MYT as it was the first social action day for an individual instead of being for another organisation or charity. Overall, the day was full of smiles and the sense of achievement the young people had at the day was a feeling beyond any other.

Courtney McMahon - Social Action Adviser