By Daniel Todd - Apprenticeship & Employability Coach (Motivise)

Lisa signed up to Motivise in October. She left school in June 2016 and had not engaged in any services prior to Motivise. She had low grades and very little work experience. She was also struggling with anxiety and found it hard to travel to new places. Lisa said she wanted to build her Maths and English and get a part-time job so she can eventually live on her own.

After the initial signup, I held meetings in a local high street close to where she lived. I discussed her options with her and helped her set aims for each of her options. I helped her create a CV and personal statement to look for jobs to apply for. I also referred her to a training provider for her Maths and English. Lisa also struggled with travel costs, I successfully applied for funding to cover her travel.

Over a number of weeks of meeting with her regularly, her anxiety decreased. She is now currently doing her Maths and English at a training provider in Sittingbourne and will be moving into a traineeship. She has begun searching for work and applying for jobs on her own.