By Stephanie Lutz - Employability & Apprenticeship Coach (Motivise)

Lola first came to MY Trust to start the Prince's Trust Programme in order to achieve her Maths and English qualifications. However, due to anxiety and confidence issues, Lola chose to withdraw from the programme. It is here where I met Lola, who was very timid and quiet.

Through the Motivise programme our goal is to find a suitable progression for the young people we help - this could be in the form of employment, training or apprenticeships. With Lola, our sessions are still ongoing, these consist of one-to-one sessions where we work on confidence building, employability skills, CV writing and searching for employment. I see very promising gradual improvement in Lola and believe that this is due to our weekly sessions where she is able to see that she has choices and opportunities. Even though Lola has not yet achieved her Maths and English due to not yet finding the correct programme that she feels comfortable in, this is still one of her goals and I believe with a bit more support and encouragement she will achieve these in the near future.