Before MY Trust intervention, Michael was with living in supported accommodation and was referred to Motivise by his key worker. After my first appointment with Michael, he was then evicted from his supported accommodation and as a consequence, was sofa surfing or walking around the town centre all night in order to stay awake and keep safe.

Michael came to his appointments with me every week to begin working on an action plan. Together, we decided that he would:

  1. Go to the council to register as homeless
  2. Apply for Hardship Funding with Colyer-Fergusson so we can book a CSCS test.
  3. Apply for a provisional license and a birth certificate so he can open a bank account
  4. Open a bank account
  5. Go to the job centre to sign on
  6. Complete CSCS exam
  7. Begin applying to labouring jobs
  8. Start to save money for own accommodation

Michael is making changes to his lifestyle and has realised that he now needs to learn how to do things for himself. For the first time, he is listening to my advice and noticing the difference it is making to his life.

So far, Michael has got to a point where he has sat the first part of his CSCS test and although it is not a full progression, Michael can now see a future for himself and is looking forward to the possibilities that may develop.

*Different name given for data protection purposes.