By Amelia Henderson - Apprenticeship & Employability Coach (MOTIVISE)

Before MY Trust intervention, Molly was spending her days at home and not doing anything. She left school in Year 10 due to bullying and never returned. Molly’s mum was really struggling with her and didn’t know where to turn for help. She was really worried about Molly’s future as she had no qualifications and found her behaviour so challenging that Molly started to live with her grandparents instead. Due to not having anything productive to do with her time, Molly found herself getting in trouble with the police.

Initially, Molly wanted to start the Kent Programme in order to gain her Maths and English, however wasn’t old enough to take part so was offered my support through Motivise.

Molly attended weekly appointments with me to find things that she could do at her age (15-16). Molly’s dream is to be a beautician so I arranged an interview at Reynolds Beauty Academy for a start date in September. Molly still needed to find something to do in the time before September, so I arranged a meeting with Dave at Catch22 to speak to Molly about what he can offer her.

Molly now attends Catch22 four days a week to do her Maths and English as well as a vocational qualification in Beauty Therapy. She also attends a work placement 1 day a week to gain work experience.

Molly now has a clear plan in place until September and once she has completed her two years at Reynolds Academy, she can pursue her dream career as a Beauty Therapist. This is the first time Molly has felt she will be able to achieve something in her life.

*Different name given for data protection purposes.