In continuation to Monday, I have revisited the teams today to monitor and document their progress through photography in order to display their achievements. Most of the teams were running fund raising events in order to raise money for their chosen charities. 

So armed with my camera I went and investigated.

Team one and four

Today was slightly different to my visit to MAPS on Monday as two teams had come together in order to pull off their fundraiser which was in place to raise money for the service. It was a relatively big event so both teams came in handy when it came to running several stalls and activities of which were all appreciated by visitors to the venue.

Team one had come together to arrange a series of stalls which ranged from food and drink, face painting and more and it was really lovely to witness what they had come up with! One of the stalls resembled that of an old tuck shop which had a variety of goodies for people to choose from such as various cakes, space raiders, sweets and brownies of which was enough to make anyone’s mouth water!

They also had a creative station which involved face painting and henna tattoos. I found that the henna was very different and would raise a lot of interest. I stood by and watched/ photographed this being done and the designs the team members came up with were beautiful! I also witnessed one of the service users having his face painted, he had chosen to look like a tiger and when this was completed he looked very happy with the outcome.

It then came to my attention that various sporting activities were being hosted by the joining team. These included football, swing ball and rounders and both service users and others were able to participate, and of course the NCS team were nearby to assist them.

Over all the event went really well from what I had seen, both teams pulled it off really well and brought great joy to the service users and came up with ways to keep all parties entertained.

Tea, three and six

Next I went to go and see team three and team six who had also came together to pull off a fundraising event. Last time I visited team three and the men of the group had sacrificed their leg hairs in order to raise money for this event.

Today I met with them at Unit One Skate Park in Rochester, Kent where they had set up multiple activities in the café upstairs, for example they had a table full of delicious goodies of which visitors to the skate park could go and buy which in turn raised money for the skate park its self. They were also hosting a ‘cake off’ this was a fun alternative to the great British bake off and instead of baking the cakes they could decorate them and obviously there can only be one winner! I also believe that visitors could participate in this by decorating cookies etc.

Sadly the event started at 1pm and due to arriving early and being on a schedule I could not witness how the event worked out! But I wish team three and six the best of luck and hope they raised loads of money for their chosen cause!

I had a wonder around the facilities to see what they had to offer to their visitors, they had a nice open area with ramps for visitors to skate on and these were surrounded by art, some of which was created by previous NCS teams and others from various artists. The walls were too good not to photograph so I decided to pull both teams together for a photo against these walls!

Team Seven

Lastly today I went to visit team seven. On my last visit I was greeted to a room which had only a base coat of paint, a messy carpet and team leaders with big ambitions for the room. This was the group I was most excited about and I’m not going to lie I also had high expectations for them!

I went back to Foundations Contact Centre to see how they progressed and these expectations had been more than exceeded! The whole team were there for the grand opening which was lovely to see and the sheer effort that had gone into this project had blown me away! I came in to not only a clear floor and blue walls but an aquatic wonderland! Nemo and his whole team were there looking inviting and Bruce almost welcomes you with a big, sharp smile. See turtles and jelly fish were painted across the wall and almost looked as though they were floating, these were accompanied by Ariel. The fire place was decorated with sensory areas, jellyfish and sea greens were constructed with pipe cleaners and other items for the children to touch and play with, the treasure chest also didn’t disappoint, what was once a dull old folding table had been transformed into a textural haven for all things shiny! A Magpies paradise! 

The local Labour politician Vince Maple also came along to see the young people’s hard work and was in awe with their efforts, he threw out a multitude of compliments of which the team had all taken in and appreciated, he looked and admired every aspect of the room and took great interest in listening to the teams inspiration. He then went on to ask the team how their journey through NCS was and if they enjoyed it and they all gave him a positive response.

It was soon time to leave but no accomplishment is the same without a team selfie these days and Vince was the first to jump in on the idea. One of the team leaders had a selfie stick and Vince was keen to learn how to use it, once it was in his hand he couldn’t get enough! Who would have thought it a politician with a selfie stick getting hip and with it with the kids but it happened and it will be something us at MYT will remember for a long time!

After that I had to leave the welcoming embrace of team seven and venture back to the office but it was a great experience and I was over joyed to see the amount of progress that had been made!

Next step graduation! I’m looking forward to be part of the team and can’t wait to get stuck in!