We live in an increasingly diverse society and need to be able to understand and respect diversity and respond appropriately and sensitively to difference in others.
  Volunteers and the people who benefit from their work at MYT reflect this diversity in many ways including ethnic and community background, gender, religion, political opinion, disability, sexuality and age.  The successful implementation of equality and diversity standards in all aspects of our volunteering programme helps to provide a good and harmonious environment for all. It will also ensure that volunteers, employees and service users are all valued, respected, motivated and treated fairly.


Recently MYT was awarded gold for Investing in Volunteers; and the assessor was very impressed with MYT volunteering programme as a whole.  In relation to the equality and diversity, it was said that she had never seen such a diverse team of volunteers or seen this being as actively encouraged as it is at MYT.  It was also noted that having a volunteer leading on equality and diversity at MYT demonstrates its commitment to having a community voice involved in promoting diversity in the organisation.  It was also recognised that staff and volunteers comments demonstrated that diversity is widely embraced in the organisation and that equality and diversity is given a high profile and that teams work on equality and diversity projects.

MYT also implement many social action projects throughout the year and have pledged to do more.  See the film below for our pledges.  Social action embraces equality and diversity; which is clear from the pledges such as: “A working group will be developed alongside our youth forum to ensure that young people take an active lead in identifying and encouraging potential social action opportunities”; “We will work in partnership with Medway Voluntary Action to provide more structured, progressive opportunities for the local community”; ”We will encourage small scale social action activities within harder to reach groups and communities”; “All staff are given the opportunity to support on one social action project per year and are actively encouraged to suggest new opportunities”; “We will extend our social action participation beyond our immediate vicinity by giving local young people the opportunity to design and carry out international social action projects in developing countries”; and “New social action pioneer roles will be created that provide an opportunity for young people to bring about change in the communities that they work and live”.