New Horizons 2016 will be comprised of 15 vulnerable young people, from the Medway area, who will be travelling to Moldova to deliver an International Social Action project for 3 weeks this October. In the weeks leading up to their departure we would like to share with you their individual stories.
Here's the first from one of our participants - Kane aged 17

I am doing New Horizons because it is a chance of a lifetime that I would never normally get. New Horizons is a chance for me to meet new people which could become good friends and part of a great team. I think that the whole experience go to Moldova is going to be interesting but there are some things that stick out for me such as; what are the living conditions over there and what sort of jobs they have to do to earn money to feed their family.
I think that I will learn a lot of things going abroad to Moldova like helping the less fortunate, working with my friends/team to make a difference and learning to be more confident meeting new people.
I meet the New Horizons criteria because in school I had free school meals because my mum couldn’t afford to give me and my siblings money every day to buy food and I did not achieve 5 a-c’s in my GCSE exams. I also have Autism so school wasn’t always the easiest for me because I wasn’t confident enough to go into a class with 15-20 students and obviously in school you’re not allowed headphones in. Due to me not being able to have headphones in I was in trouble very often. Having headphones in is the main thing that keeps me focused and calm and New Horizons lets me do this.
In the future I would like to have a scaffolding career and I’m doing a course at Nacro at the moment to get qualifications toward this.