MYT DofE ran its first bronze practice expedition on 8 and 9 July 2017. It was a huge success. The group camped at Hopehill Scouts Campsite, on what felt like a blistering hot weekend.

The seven participants quickly jelled as a cohesive and mutually supportive team. Participants overcame personal and team challenges throughout the weekend. Despite the challenges of 6 hours walking in wild rough terrain, the group had lots of fun, whilst they improved their navigation skills.

Each participant captured the DofE spirit, developing teamwork and leadership skills, whilst challenging themselves to push beyond their expectations.

 Audrey Williams, MYT DofE Manager said; "It has been a busy year supporting participant’s progress their awards. The group is mixed ability and gender, recruited from SEND, LAC, NEET and young volunteers. Young people have undertaken pre-expedition training so that they are prepared and self-sufficient on their journey. Training has included navigation, camp craft, kit selection, emergency procedures and first aid. The purpose of the practice expedition is to assess whether young people are ready to undertake their assessed expedition. A huge thank-you to Keion, Rod and Dan for all their hard work getting participants expedition ready."

The assessed expedition will take place in September 2017. A huge well done to all of the participants and MYT staff.