In a very windy October, 15 young people started their NCS journey by getting to know each other at a challenging outdoor activity residential centre in East Sussex.  They took part in activities such as raft building and abseiling and came back to Medway ready for social action!

The group spent some time getting to their local community including meeting local councilors and visiting different charities.  They were really inspired by Love Music Hate Racism and as a group decided their social action project would be to place a Love Music Hate Racism stage straight in the middle of Chatham High Street on one of the busiest shopping days in the lead up to Christmas.

This was an extremely ambitious project as they needed to raise over £1000 to make the event happen as well as book performers to fill the stage for 4 hours.  Their idea was to give opportunities for young people to have the platform to perform as well as spreading the Love Music Hate Racism ethos throughout Chatham.

The group did an absolutely fantastic job in working in partnership with Medway Council, Love Music Hate Racism and o2 think big to pull the day off.  Fundraising included cake sales, car washing, leg waxing and a not quite so successful quiz night!

There was amazing talent on the stage including our local celebrity Jamie Johnson, Arthur Blanchard, Camillo and Emily Miller! The sounds could be heard throughout Chatham High Street and definitely put a smile on the weary faces of the Chatham Christmas shoppers.

The day was a huge success, made the local papers and got a big ‘thumbs up’ from Medway Love Music Hate Racism.  A fantastic social action project!

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