Workshop 2 last night and once again 15 enthusiastic, bright and pro-active young adults showed up on time and ready to get stuck in!!........ We discussed how we can represent ourselves as a professional and respectful group who want to make a positive impact on other people. People,  culture, Colombia, helping others etc are the words and phrases that seemed to be repeated over and over throughout the session and are already embedded in the mindset of the group. I dont think this is because of anything in particular that we have explored in the couple of workshops so far...more so the group of people who have signed up for New Horizons are, I think, just naturally socially aware, caring and adventurous individuals who want to make a difference! Our team target has now been broken down into monthly targets of £5625 and every team member has their own mini missions to acomplish over the next two weeks to get some funds rolling our way. Norma Rice (MYT's Partnership Broker) spoke to the group about her plans to liase with Tesco who have a series of huge bike rides planned with the view to having New Horizons as a sponsorship beneficiary!! The group also laid out some plans on selling cakes, making videos, writing bids, applying for grants and approaching potential donors. Looking forward to getting the fundraising off the ground.