.....Our first activity was “high all aboard” where our courageous participants had to climb up a narrow, very tall, wobbly pole then pull themselves onto a small platform and stand up. If that wasn’t difficult enough they then needed to make enough room for another person to join them and then do a series of exercises (including both leaning off the top of the pole holding hands) to build their trust and confidence.  Big bravo to James who showed great determination and achieved his goal of making it to the top of the pole!

We then took a break from outdoor activities to have a session developing our fundraising strategy to ensure we reach our £22,400 target to fund the trip by October.

Taz, Bradley and Shannon Waters (aka the Partnership Broker team) were straight on the case, after a very brief 101 in corporate fundraising, they were on the phone and emails to businesses enquiring about sponsorship and prize donations for our events. 

Ruby and Bill began organising our New Horizons sponsored Medway Walk (put the 21st August in your diary!). Colby and Shannon Russell concentrated on a nifty income generator - making and selling packed lunches to youth groups taking part in NCS.

Morgan and Joe worked hard to finish the “Barbecue for Colombia” pack which people will be able to use to run their own themed fundraisers during the summer.

Leigh-Ann, Jordan and James (our media team), in charge of ensuring the New Horizons brand and mission is communicated far and wide, created content for our blogs and shot short interviews with the participants so we can documents everyone’s personal journeys through the programme.

The afternoon took us to new heights on the “3G swing” - everyone had to play their part to ensure their team members were hoisted high enough so they could release the swing and then let gravity take over. Our screams could be heard from Ashford and kudos to Jacob who managed to record his flight without dropping his heavy camera!

Next came a very energetic game of Aeroball (essentially basketball on trampolines). This certainly brought out the New Horizons members’ (and team leaders’) competitive sides! We finished off the day around the Kingswood campfire. 

The New Horizons group are going from strength to strength on their residential and we are very proud for them to represent Medway Youth Trust.