A lot of people that haven't worked in a while choose to volunteer to increase their skills but also their self-esteem and confidence. Carrieann, now a Programme Leader and Youth Support Adviser for MYT, tells us how she came to volunteer for MYT and why in her blog post below.

I started volunteering at Medway Youth Trust in 2010 and became involved in a number of different areas of the organisation. I spent a lot of my time at the Gillingham office where I would support other members of staff in the running of the centre. I also took on some of the administrative tasks in both centres.

When I first started to volunteer I wanted something to do because I had been bringing my children up and had been out of the work place for some time. My confidence was really low and did not think I would be able to go back into work straight away so volunteering would give me that chance to work on myself and to gain more skills to enable me to go back into work. I was unsure about what career path to take but have always interested in working with young people. Medway Youth Trust seemed the right choice for me.

For the year I was volunteering for the organisation I gained many skills, improved my confidence and self-esteem and gave me the vital experience I needed to improve my chances in the career I wanted.

I would say to anyone, especially young people who are thinking of volunteering to go for it. You will gain so much from doing it and will give you the vital experience that could help you in finding a job.

Volunteering has done so much for me and I would not be where I am now without having done this.

Carrieann – Programme Leader and Youth Support Adviser