Takeover Day this year saw me shadowing Kayleigh and taking on her role for the day as Communications Officer at Medway Youth Trust. The day started at 9am and immediately I was whisked away upstairs and sat at a computer with a sheet of paper outlining my job description for the day: "plan your day, write an article for the website, create a video, post updates on Facebook and Twitter, record and interview other participants", the list goes on.

It was a pretty jam packed day with myself being logged onto Twitter and Facebook in a matter of minutes, being asked to provide feedback throughout the day to the audiences of those networks (which I tried my best to do!).

Soon I was let loose with the video camera, sent away to scout out a room to conduct the interviews in and afterwards began to prepare it for them. Throughout my time in the room I conducted three interviews with four participants, including myself becoming interviewed after making the mistake of sitting in the hot-seat with the other participants seated behind the camera.

Afterwards came lunch, and then it was back to work. Compiling the video that will be posted to this site featuring the interviewees, which even when using software which makes it a very simple process became an arduous and complex task. Needless to say, I eventually got it done and am pleased to say it came together nicely (although you can see that for yourself above).

Finally, the remainder of my day was spent writing up this blog to inform you of my day as Communications Officer of Medway Youth Trust and it didn't disappoint!

- Sam (Communications Officer at MYT for Takeover day 2014)