Higher Education is available throughout the UK and abroad.

  •  An Honours Degree usually takes 3 years.
  • A Foundation Degree (or HND) usually takes 2 years and is work and career related and it usually has lower entry requirements. An optional “top up” year will convert the qualification to an Honours Degree.
  • A Sandwich Degree usually takes 4 years and can include a year’s work placement.


 When choosing a degree subject, you could ask yourself the following questions:

  •  Which subject(s) do you enjoy at school or college?
  • Which subject(s) are you best at?
  • Do you have a particular career ambition –or not?
  • Is it a new subject?
  • Can you specialise in one subject or combine subject?
  • If you are not sure what you want to do...do you know what you don’t want to do?


Consider the course title and check the course content carefully for each university or college. Each course will differ in its content even though the titles may be the same. The best course for you is the one which best suits you.

Check that by the time you plan to start a course, you will have the required qualifications. Details of all course entry requirements are set out in university/college prospectuses, on their websites and on www.ucas.com/coursesearch.

Look out for and use Entry Profiles (EP) for some courses: they can improve the match between applicant and course. They might also give you some ideas for your application.

When choosing where to study, make sure you check the location and go to Open Days. You will get a real feel for the university or college and courses that interest you. Check the teaching styles, facilities, new student induction programme, accommodation, cost of living and job opportunities in the area (both part time and full time on graduation). Talk to students and tutors.

Allow TIME to research all subjects, courses, universities and entry requirements thoroughly. Useful websites include:

For a full list of helpful websites, please downlaod our TrustCareers flyer.

 Good luck!