The MY Trust is committed to protecting your privacy when you use our services. Your school or college should have made you aware of our organisational Privacy Notice, but these points are specific to young people that are supported by the Careers & Enterprise Project.

Your school or college should have already given us the following information about you that we have stored:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • If you have any additional needs, if you are Looked After, If you are at risk of Offending, if your school or college are worried you might not be in education, employment or training when you leave and if you are being supported by the Early Help Team
  • Where you go to school or college
  • Email

During a meeting with an adviser you may give the following information that we will store:

  • Phone Number
  • Details of conversations you may have with our staff
  • Email, if not already received from the school

We will also let you know that we will be using Instagram, facebook and WhatsApp.  You will have to ‘friend’ the adviser for facebook and Instagram.   An adviser is not allowed to ‘friend’ a young person.  We(MY Trust) will  not be holding personal /sensitive data about you through Instagram.  Any ‘friends’ that are created through Instagram, facebook and WhatsApp will be removed from the MYT account once the programme has been completed 

We ask for this information to help us to give you the best information and advice as possible at the time of your meeting(s) or if you need more support following the meeting(s). We also need to provide this information to The Careers & Enterprise Company to show them that we are delivering the project properly and how well we are doing. The Careers & Enterprise Company will be collecting data through FutureSkills.  The Careers & Enterprise Company have their own guidance on what they do with your information that should be available with this notice.

MY Trust will store this information about you for one year from 31st August 2019 until 31st August 2020. On 1st September 2020 we will anonymise your information so we cannot tell it is about you but we can still use it to measure the work we have done. If you give us a phone number/and or email, this would only be used once in the year after your meeting(s) to see if you have progressed how you wished and if the support we gave was useful. This means we can learn and improve. The gender information we receive will be used anonymously to analyse local market needs for our own research. Any information you give us where we think you or others are at risk of harm, the law says we must store this for 6 years.

This information may be collected electronically or on paper but will be input onto our MY Trust database within a week of receiving. All paper and electronic documents will then be destroyed, so everything is kept securely in one place.

Your school or college may ask us for information about your meeting with our adviser to comply with their duty towards supporting you. This information would only be your career choices and plans.

If you have any questions or you change your mind about the information we hold about you please tell your adviser, email [email protected] or ring 01634 959090.

To download a copy of this notice please click here