Rob spent 28 years in the Army, serving in Bosnia, Iraq, Norway, Bermuda, (West) Germany, Brunei [on loan service] including bomb disposal and counter-terrorist operations in UK including Northern Ireland [80’s/90’s].  He commanded a Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Squadron and supported UKSF.  This included a year recovering and disposing of WW1 and WW2 chemical weapons that had been buried in England; and 6 months in Bosnia providing teams for bomb disposal, mine clearance and rescuing casualties from mined areas. He deployed on disaster relief operations (such as supporting the Bermuda government after a Hurricane) was involved in international liaison and sponsored specialist R&D including developing a £4M secure IT project.  Whilst in the Army he completed a variety of voluntary youth work all round the world; including founding a charity to employ and support christian youth workers.  Rob enjoys sailing [through Cyclones and pirates in the Philippines] rock climbing and mountain biking [burning 20,000 calories on a 3-4 day challenge each summer]
Rob left the Army in 2004 to become CEO YMCA West Kent which supports young people dealing with exclusion, anger, abuse, trauma, stress, physical and mental health issues; and provides holistic support, housing, training, youth work and counselling.  Some other staff have been veterans to support their recovery and rehabilitation. He is a trustee of several other charities - currently including: SAYT, YMCA Blackburn [housing association providing housing for young people at risk across England] as well as the MY Trust - having been a trustee of Young Kent before the merger. Rob brings experience of development, fundraising, finance, IT, HR, PR, training, contracts, property and partnership working.