The My Trust has maintained the Young Kent Affiliation service for Youth Clubs across Kent and Medway since the two organisations merged in October 2017.

If you are currently an Affiliated Youth Club please find below the correct processes to follow when the time comes to renew your affiliation.

  • In 2018 all affiliation renewal dates will be moved to the  1st of the month after your  current renewal affiliation date (i.e. if your current affiliation date is 15th February your new date will be 1st March).  Having all affiliation dates on the 1st of the month will make administration easier to manage (replacement certificates stating the new date your affiliation will run to, is not a requirement but they are available upon request).
  • All clubs will be reminded by email 2 months before your affiliation needs to be renewed
  • Affiliation, (where possible) will all be completed electronically but if you would like a My Trust visit at this point to support with the renewal process/paperwork please let us know so we can arrange this.
  • If affiliation paperwork and payment has not been received by the renewal date, you will not continue to be affiliated to Young Kent
  • If you complete the paperwork and make payment within 30 days of your renewal date we will back date your affiliation from the original renewal date so that your affiliation remains continuous.
  • If you do not complete the paperwork and/or make payment within the 30 days following your renewal date your club’s affiliation to the Young Kent Service will stop. Should you want to reaffiliate after this you will be treated as a new member and you will need to pay the additional charge of £30 to restart your affiliation.  Your affiliation will start from the date all paperwork and payment is completed.


There is no change to the affiliation renewal price for 2018- this will continue to be £99.