Hollie, 20

Going to Denmark with the MY Trust was probably the most incredible experience I’ve ever had the opportunity to take part in. Not only did I make life long friends with the other 8 members of the UK team, but I got the chance to meet people from 4 other countries, whom I will definitely be keeping in touch with.

My favourite activities were the team games; like the sports day and the challenge afternoon. I loved being in a team and working with the young people from other countries, it was an excellent opportunity to have a laugh: even if the language barrier was difficult you can’t not bond over playing croquet with your legs tied together!

The little campsite where we stayed will always hold a very special place in my heart, it was the place where some of my fondest memories were made. It definitely made me more confident and I like to think that I’d be more forward in making friends with people from other places in the future; just because we don’t share the same background it doesn’t mean we won’t have any common ground! I can’t thank the MY Trust enough for taking me on that trip, I finally feel like I’m part of something again, and that’s something that I’ve been missing for a long time.