Team 11 NCS 2019

If you’ve seen the recent news coverage of the shocking circumstances which people with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) are trying to endure, you’ll no doubt be as troubled as we are.
6 in 100 babies have FASD, nearly the same rate as Autism, and FASD has been linked to 428 mental and physical disorders.

Those with FASD are facing inconceivable adversities, combined with the complications with their physical and mental health. An individual with FASD has an estimated life expectancy of 34 years. Alarmingly, 29.2% of males with FASD reported a serious suicide attempt which was 19½ times higher than national normal for males.

The shocking truth is that an estimated 40,000 new-borns each year are affected by FASD and numbers are not decreasing. This includes an estimate of 120,000 FASD cases in the past 3 years, thousands of boys and girls are in urgent need of the aid you can help us provide.

We’ll be honest, it has been difficult for us to raise the funds so desperately needed to help combat the rise of FASD, due to our funds being cut – but it is our duty to help them.
I only ask that you give what you can because every penny counts.

Team 11
Representatives of FASD Network

Team 11 NCS 2019