Team 6 Furthermore, we believe that every child/teenager should get their education, that they required to at least standard level of educational which they need no matter the situation they are in. We do understand that every child/teenager is different; has different problems; different opinions and different attitudes towards people, activities and more.

Rivermead inclusive trust is a group that helps people with autism, special need and mental health disorders. This group allows disadvantaged children to access education and achieve qualifications towards a better future. Their value is to promote “life in modern Britain'' because of this we want to help them to get support to many other children to improve chances in progressing in this harsh world. Rivermead believes that all children should have an equal chance in life. Which is why they offer courses in Midkent College for special needs children. This allows children with these disabilities to learn a normal course at a college with extremely supportive staff. This access to higher education allows children to build a better future in their lives and do normal jobs. Rivermead at Midkent College supports a variety of complex needs that others may not be aware about.

Rivermead Inclusive Trust helps young people with special educational needs, disabilities and mental health problems to access education and achieve qualifications. Their value is to promote “life in modern Britain” and we want to support this goal as we, like Rivermead, believe that all children and young people should have equal access to opportunities.
Rivermead offer support at MidKent College for young people with additional needs to enable them to take part in a normal college course and environment and helps them build a better future and progress to further education and the workplace.
Rivermead is a community special school which helps young people aged 11 to 19 years that have a range of complex needs such as Autism. The school has a fantastic provision for helping children with speech and language disorders Rivermead School believes that ever young person has the potential to achieve and progress regardless of their conditions. They also believe that a safe, calm environment is the best area for learning and developing

Rivermead is a really brilliant, spectacular school and we believe they will be a great school to raise money for. Team 6