NCS Team 5 - 2018 The aim of the Purple campaign is to spread awareness and potentially erase all Polio from the world for good. Polio, also known as Poliomyelitis, is a paralysing and potentially fatal disease that threatens young children largely across Afghanistan and Pakistan. Studies show that Polio can strike a person at any age, however it more commonly affects children under the age of five, consequently putting the future generation at risk. Vaccinations are available to prevent Polio, however it cannot be cured.
For the last thirty years, the various Rotary clubs and their partners have made a huge effort to eliminate Polio worldwide. They do this by vaccinating children on a large scale in as many places as possible. This has had a great impact as there are currently only two countries in the world where Polio still stands.
We are getting involved in this movement because we are incredibly close to ending Polio for good. We would love to be a part of making this dream a reality, as it is more than possible at this point.
It is currently 50p for one vaccination, which is such a small amount of money that will make an unimaginable difference to people’s lives in places such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are THIS CLOSE to ending Polio, so please try to help us reach this goal.
NCS Team 5 - 2018