We believe that all young people should have the right to express how they feel, what they think and just generally share their thoughts.

At MYT, we have taken the time to sit down (often with a cup of tea) and think about different ways we can let young people do that. Our youth forum and youth participation programmes and volunteering opportunities are a great hands on way of doing this, but maybe you have time and/or travel restrictions and that’s ok too. You can still have your say.

Having your say doesn’t have to be consistent, it can be something that you’d like to do every now or then or even just once.

  • Share your story – are you a young person that has accessed one of our programmes or services? We’d love to hear about your journey with us through our online form. We may publish this on our website. Check out other great stories here.
  • Comment and feedback – do you think something needs changing about our service. We welcome any feedback, whether good or bad.
  • Fundraise for us - Say something big by doing something amazing. MYT is a charity who would love you to fundraise for us. If you are thinking about a fundraising challenge and making a different to a local charity then we can help you with this. Create a fundraising page through our website now.
  • Have any other ideas about how you’d like to get involved? Let us know.                                             

Don’t put it off. Have your say today!