We believe that all young people should have the right to express how they feel, what they think and just generally share their thoughts.

At MYT, we have taken the time to sit down (often with a cup of tea) and think about different ways we can let young people do that. Our youth forum and youth participation programmes and volunteering opportunities are a great hands on way of doing this, but maybe you don’t have the time, travel modes or even if you don’t want to come into one of our centres.

Having your say doesn’t have to be consistent, it can be something that you’d like to do every now or then or even just once.

We have taken the time to build a fully interactive website which gives young people the opportunity to do just that;

  • Make a ‘Just a minute’ video for us. Part of our website development plan was to include most of the content we provide in video form to make it fun and stimulating for our viewers. We would welcome videos being made and sent to us which can be about anything you want (as long as it’s not offensive).  We want videos to be no longer than a minute long although we’ll usually let you go over a little bit.
  • Write a blog for us. If videos aren’t your thing and then you can write a blog post to us. Please include any relevant pictures if you have any.
  • Fundraise for us. Say something big by doing something amazing. MYT is a charity who would love you to fundraise for us. If you are thinking about a fundraising challenge and making a different to a local charity then we can help you with this. Create a fundraising page through our website now.


Sending your blogs, pictures and videos to us

You will be able to see other blog posts on our homepage. Click on ‘share your story’ and that link will take you to a submission page for you to upload your content to us.

Things you need to know

  • Please make sure that you have the right for all of your content you send to us (pictures, videos, written articles) and that you have not used anyone else’s material.
  • Your blog story, video and pictures will appear on the Medway Youth Trust website once it has been approved. Any abusive or offensive content will not be displayed. 
  • Other people will be able to comment on your blog post.
  • In order for us to use your video, it will have to be uploaded on to YouTube first.


Don’t put it off. Have your say today!