Why we measure impact:

  • To reflect on the work we do with young people, our partners and the community to better ourselves and ensure we are upholding our Theory of Change.
  • To continuously improve our delivery of services and ensure we're achieving the outcomes chosen by ourselves, our young people, our partners and the community.
  • To promote the MY Trust brand to the beneficiaries, stakeholders, the community, our partners and young people.
  • To ensure we are delivering our contracts effectively with financial sustainability.
  • To develop the strengths of our workforce to support the needs of the young people we work with to ensure we can impact them positively.

How we measure impact:

MY Trust has developed an impact framework with a list of indicators that run through all of our services and/or organisationally. These indicators are linked to the outcomes of our Theory of Change.

Information is collated to measure impact from different sources, such as:

- Achievements of young people accessing services

- Achievements of young people after they have accessed services

- Assessments completed at the beginning, middle and end of services (depending on the length of programme)

- Case Studies

- Annual surveys of young people, staff and partners

- Feedback forms

- Consultations with young people, staff and partners

- Contract monitoring

- Working for and achieving accreditations such as Hear by Right and Matrix

- Staff Appraisal systems

- The knowledge and experience of our staff

and many others...

This information is collated and analysed anonymously by service and by indicator and visualised through Tableau Dashboards. MY Trust will be publishing an annual impact report.

MY Trust is the South East Network Lead for The Centre for Youth Impact which involves hosting a network of youth organisations to discuss the importance of impact and work collaboratively to develop impact measuring and evaluation in the South East.

Their networks of youth sector practitioners and managers are the driving force of their work to advance thinking and practice in evaluation and impact measurement across the whole youth sector. These networks are communities of practice that come together to share, challenge and develop their ideas and approaches.

The Centre supports their networks based on their belief that collaboration and peer-to-peer and action-focused learning are the most likely to lead to solutions that ‘stick’: meaningful, learning-focused impact measurement that is owned by practitioners, and that improves practice and ultimately, outcomes for young people.

The regional networks are led by existing, well-networked organisations with a desire to reflect openly, develop their own impact practice and support organisations around them to do likewise.

The Centre believes both that it is important for the individual network lead to be an advocate for our work and approach, and that they are supported and resourced by a regionally-based organisation to do so.

If you are interested in joining the South East Network please contact Helen Robinson - [email protected]