Why we measure impact:

  • To reflect on the work we do with young people, our partners and the community to better ourselves and ensure we are upholding our Theory of Change.
  • To continuously improve our delivery of services and ensure we're achieving the outcomes chosen by ourselves, our young people, our partners and the community.
  • To promote the MY Trust brand to the beneficiaries, stakeholders, the community, our partners and young people.
  • To ensure we are delivering our contracts effectively with financial sustainability.
  • To develop the strengths of our workforce to support the needs of the young people we work with to ensure we can impact them positively.

How we measure impact:

MY Trust has developed an impact framework with a list of indicators that run through all of our services and/or organisationally. These indicators are linked to the outcomes of our Theory of Change.

Information is collated to measure impact from different sources, such as:

- Achievements of young people accessing services

- Achievements of young people after they have accessed services

- Assessments completed at the beginning, middle and end of services (depending on the length of programme)

- Case Studies

- Annual surveys of young people, staff and partners

- Feedback forms

- Consultations with young people, staff and partners

- Contract monitoring

- Working for and achieving accreditation's such as Hear by Right and Matrix

- Staff Appraisal systems

- The knowledge and experience of our staff

and many others...