Together, let’s prepare young people for their future and make sure no young person will get left behind.  MY Trust want to ensure every young person we work with, regardless of disadvantage or circumstance, is well-prepared for their future. By that, we mean that they have the education, life skills, economic wellbeing, social and emotional capabilities and community encouragement to function well in their adult world.

We know there is a mutual interest here. We all want to see young people with independent living skills making their way in life with confidence, filling our job and skills gaps, bringing up the next generation, becoming global citizens and creating, caring and innovating to make our future world a better one.

Some young people are fortunate to have the resources they need and are focused on what they want to do in life with the self-confidence, belief and supportive people around them to help them get there.

Others, like the young people we mainly work with, are distracted with problems that are beyond their coping abilities, such as family issues, poverty, neglect, trauma, caring responsibilities, peer relationships or special educational needs.

We are there for each and every one of them, listening and providing personalised support to meet their needs and aspirations.

Our services are co-produced with them and include:

  • Inspiring careers advice and guidance
  • Excellent employer engagement
  • Employability skills and training
  • Social Action projects and volunteering opportunities
  • Peer and adult mentoring
  • Participation opportunities
  • International projects to broaden their horizons

In partnership, we can achieve so much more and there are many ways, you can support our mission.

  1. By one off or regular donations, however small, to enable us to target resources where they are needed most
  2. By raising funds for us with your own events e.g. marathon, cycle race
  3. By volunteering your time
  4. Businesses and corporations can offer us their invaluable support in a range of ways

We are genuinely keen to hear from you. Last year we took a disadvantaged group of young people to Ghana and were reminded of the old African saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. We hope you will become part of the MY Trust village.